Wales' health minister has said it is "not acceptable" that some critical workers in Wales who have needed a coronavirus test have been referred as far away as Devon.

During the Welsh Government's press conference, Vaughan Gething said he had "heard some reports" of workers being sent as far away as Hereford and Devon since Wales moved to a UK-wide website to book a coronavirus test.

He said in the first four days, 600 tests were carried out using the UK Government website portal.

An online system which had previously been set up by the Welsh Government had been scrapped.

Mr Gething said there is testing available in Wales for critical workers and the government is "working with the providers" of the UK website to "iron out any quirks".

Wales has a number of drive-through coronavirus testing centres in Cardiff, Newport, Llandudno, Carmarthen, Swansea and Abercynon.

He also said that more than a third of people in Wales who are critically ill are from a black or ethnic minority background, and they "don't yet fully understand why."

Mr Gething announced a specific risk assessment for the BAME workforce has been introduced today which will be used throughout health and social care sector.

On the subject of easing any lockdown restrictions in Wales, he said a decision will be made this week with any changes being announced by the First Minister on Friday.

"Stay local will remain the message until we have more guidance on what lockdown should look like", Mr Gething said.

Mr Gething was also asked about his view on Dominic Cummings, after it was revealed the prime minister's chief aide had travelled from London to Durham during the lockdown.

There have been calls for Mr Cummings to resign after it was revealed he travelled across England during lockdown Credit: PA

The Welsh health minister had been accused of breaking the rules himself by a tabloid newspaper - something he has strenuously denied.

"I've said this before I did not break the lockdown rules and the accusations are from people ignoring the facts. A local walk with my family within scooting distance of my home is local. Wee bought food and ate in accordance with all the rules, and went home in accordance with all the rules.

"I can say that if I had driven to the other end of the country to see a family member that would have been a clear breach of our rules. My position as a minister would have been untenable. What does matter to me is whether people across all four nations will continue to follow the rules to keep us safe.

"My real concern is the loss of public trust", Mr Gething said.