Health minister says role would have been ‘untenable’ as he fears Cummings trip risks ‘public trust’

Wales' Health Minister Vaughan Gething has said if he made a similar journey to Dominic Cummings he "would have been breaking the law" and his position would have become "untenable."

Vaughan Gething was responding to questions about the actions of Boris Johnsons' chief advisor at the Welsh Government's daily coronavirus press conference.

This comes after Mr Cummings defended a 260-mile trip from London to the north-east of England he made with his family during lockdown, explaining that he believes he behaved "reasonably".

Mr Gething said: "If I had driven to the other end of the country to see a family member, when I thought that my wife could be potentially symptomatic with Covid-19 that would have been a clear breach of our rules in place at the time that my position as a minister would have been untenable."

He went on to express concern that people would stop following lockdown rules because of a "loss in public trust that comes from the ever changing circus of the last few days."

The health minister himself was accused of not following the rules after a photograph was published of him eating food with his family on a park bench.

He denied any wrong doing and reiterated that position today.

I didn't break the lockdown rules. A local walk with my family within scooting distance of my home for a 5-year-old child - that definitely local. We bought food in accordance with the rules. We ate in accordance with the rules. We returned home in accordance with all of the rules.

Vaughan Gething MS, Health Minister

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