Police find more than 100 cannabis plants in Cardiff property after noticing 'strong smell'

Credit: South Wales Police

Police officers in Cardiff discovered more than 100 cannabis plants in a property after noticing a "strong smell" whilst on patrol.

The officers obtained a warrant, found the plants and arrested one male. He remains in custody.

This is the second property in the Cathays area in one month to be found with dangerously wired electricity to support the growth of cannabis.

Two males remain under investigation for the illegal plants found at the first Cathays property.

The smell was noticed by officers on the Cathays Neighbourhood Policing Team.

After obtaining a warrant and searching the property, officers found the electricity had been bypassed and the number of plugs being used created a fire hazard.

Dangerously wired electricity and too many plugs can cause an overload and the risk of fire. Credit: South Wales Police
This is the second Cathays property in one month found with dangerous wiring to support cannabis growth. Credit: South Wales Police

Police have reminded people to report suspicions about illegal activity like cannabis growth via 101, online or anonymously through Crimestoppers.