A four-year-old boy from Mountain Ash has been keeping entertained during lockdown by doing rugby-themed impressions.

Rocco Jax Lock comes from a family of rugby lovers and is always watching matches alongside his dad, Jonathan.

Dan Biggar, Alun Wyn Jones and Ken Owens are all on the list of famous faces that Rocco has impersonated so far.

Biggar and Jones even sent Rocco personal video messages back in reply.

Watch the hilarious impressions here:

Mr Lock, Rocco's dad, explained that the whole thing started when they were rewatching an old Lions game. He said Rocco is always asking questions about the games and players and noticed the tape on Alun Wyn Jones' ears.

After the game finished, they went outside to throw around the rugby ball and Rocco asked if he could put some tape on his ears. It was then that Rocco decided to get really into character and the family realised who he was pretending to be.

They took a video of Rocco showing off his acting skills and posted it online, which Jones then saw. The rugby star sent a personal video message back in response and Rocco's dad said, "it just went from there" with requests starting to roll in.

Ken 'The Sheriff' Owens was next in line to ask for his own impersonation.

Mr Lock said Rocco loves doing the videos but they are trying to limit it to just one a week.

He loved it, he said I want to do more, I want to do more!

Jonathan Lock, Rocco's dad

In their messages, both Jones and Biggar wish Rocco well after having surgery on his shoulder - a problem Rocco has had since birth but only recently had surgery to solve.

Fully recovered and doing well, Rocco is out of his shoulder cast and throwing himself into his rugby impressions.

His dad said they are not sure which rugby star will be next on the list but Rocco is keen to do more soon so watch this space!