What do people think of the new lockdown rules in Wales?

Credit: ITV Wales

As First Minister Mark Drakeford announces lockdown restrictions will be eased to allow two households to meet from Monday, people across Wales have been asking what it means for them.

For Jeanette Edwards from Splott, Cardiff, the difference in lockdown rules across the four nations is proving confusing.

''If you're listening to the general news you're more confused than ever'' she said.

Jeanette Edwards believes new rules are a step forward Credit: ITV Wales

The easing of lockdown restrictions is a step forward for her, but social distancing rules will still make things hard. She would like to see restrictions eased even further.

''It's very difficult because I want to cuddle my daughter, we're very very close.'' she said.

''I want to cuddle my grandchildren and as Welsh people we cwtch very easily.

''Personally speaking I think it's slightly too rigid.''

In Cardiff's Roath Park, people were more cautious about the changes. One said: ''Safety is very important. A lot of people are still dying.''

For many others, the restrictions on traveling more than five miles means they still won't be able to see the majority of their family.

In rural communities, where shops and essential services can be many miles away, the guidelines were met with confusion.

But speaking at Friday's daily press briefing, the First Minister said the rules ''will have to be applied carefully and sensibly by using their own judgement in the different geographies of Wales.''

NFU Union President, John Davies, who owns a farm outside of Brecon, says it is about interpreting the new guidelines sensibly.

''I think when you consider that it's eight and a half miles to our nearest shop and there are less people in the circumference of a five mile radius here than what there would be in a small area of Cardiff.

"I think it's about interpreting the guidelines in a sensible, pragmatic and careful way.''