Wales' new lockdown rules which come into force on Monday are "unclear" and "unfair", according to the Welsh Conservatives.

On Friday, the First Minister announced two households in the same local area can meet outdoors from Monday.

Mark Drakeford said the meetups must take place outdoors and strict social distancing and hand hygiene should be maintained at all times.

Local, in this instance, will mean "not generally travelling more than five miles from home" in order to reduce the risk of the virus spreading from one area to another.

The Welsh Conservatives argue the five mile rule is difficult to interpret and the lack of freedom compared to the other parts of the UK shows a lack of trust in people.

You can travel 15 miles to a garden centre, you travel 15 miles to a supermarket, but you can't travel more than 5 miles to see family and friends, and that is absolutely ridiculous, and that's why the welsh government need to reconsider their position and scrap this before they introduce this on Monday.

Paul Davies MS Leader, Welsh Conservatives

The Welsh Government says this rule aims to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading from one community to another.

We know people are missing seeing their family and friends – the latest evidence, which underpins this review, means we can make some changes, to enable people to meet again, if it is done outdoors and locally, and people continue to follow the social distancing guidance.

Mark Drakeford MS, First Minister