A driver who travelled from Oldham, Greater Manchester to North Wales for a "drive out" ended up getting arrested after speeding past an ambulance on its way to an emergency.

North Wales Police caught up with the car after the driver "flew" pastthe paramedics when they had their sirens on.

Police said five people were in the car, and they had travelledfrom Greater Manchester to North Wales for a drive around the roads in the area.

The driver ended up being arrested after failing a roadside drug test.

This driver overtook an ambulance on an emergency run, it had its blue lights and sirens on driving above the speed limit and the driver still flew by at excess speed, with a tyre that could’ve blown at any time, unbelievable. Luckily the eagle eyed roads policing unit officer found the vehicle and we assisted in searching the five occupants from the Oldham area. The driver however was arrested for failing a drug wipe, driving with no license and will also be reported for breaching COVID regulations... not worth it for a 'drive out'.

North Wales Police intercept team spokesperson

Police did not reveal where in North Wales the incident had taken place.