50th anniversary of Cleddau Bridge collapse that killed four people and injured others

Today marks the 50th anniversary since the collapse of the Cleddau Bridge in Pembrokeshire.

In 1970, the original structure of the bridge collapsed, killing four workmen and injuring five more in the disaster.

Credit: ITV Archive National Library of Wales

The Cleddau Bridge opened to traffic years later in 1975, linking Pembroke Dock to Burton Ferry.

It's become a landmark in Pembrokeshire and a crucial part of the area's infrastructure - connecting one part of the county to the other.

Pembrokeshire County Council estimates an average of 4.4 million vehicles cross the bridge each year.

Motorists were able to cross the bridge in Pembrokeshire for free for the first time in 44 years in 2019 after the tolls were scrapped.

It's believed abolishing the tolls would have saved regular commuters almost £300.