A family have been reunited properly for the first time since lockdown started following new guidelines allowing people to meet outdoors.

Steve, his wife Becky, and their children were able to see Becky's parents, who live a few miles apart in Wrexham, within the new travel guidelines,which came into force this week.

It comes after Steve, a firefighter, was left fighting for his life after contracting coronavirus.

Steve was in and out of intensive care after contracting coronavirus.

The 39-year-old was admitted to hospital on March 28 after suffering cold-like symptoms before collapsing twice and struggling to breathe. He spent spent three weeks in and out of intensive care at Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

It's been nice having more family around and makes a massive difference. Bit more normality. It can nice but when we can embrace each other it will be better. My mum's a very huggy person, they live further than five miles, so that's even more frustrating. I'm happy we can see Becky's mum and dad but I'd like to see mine too.

Steve Landon

It was a welcome reunion for the couples' four children who were pleased to be reunited with their grandparents.

''It's been really good to see them, we haven't seen them in a while,'' said their 14-year-old son Caleb.

Grandparents, Dave and Ruth, were reunited with their grandchildren. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Grandparents, Dave and Ruth, said it was difficult for them because they couldn't help their daughter when Steve was unwell in hospital because of lockdown restrictions.

We couldn't come and help her out with the children to help her. Now we're just waiting for the day we can be around each other, sit with each other, hug each other which is what we would normally do, so that's been hard. But being able to come into their garden it's far better than Skype.

Dave Rowland, Becky's Father
The amazing moment Steve Landon, 39, was reunited with his four children - Caleb, 14, Evie, 13, Abigail, 11 and Seth, 7. Credit: Steve landon

The father-of-four paid tribute to his wife, Becky,and praised the hospital staff who have cared for him. His recovery will include continued physiotherapy sessions and follow-up appointments at hospital.