Seven more people with coronavirus die in Wales

Credit: PA

Another seven people with coronavirus have died in Wales, with 67 new cases of the virus also reported.

It brings the total number of deaths here to 1,354, Public Health Wales says.

So far there have been 14,121 confirmed cases of Covid-19, but the real figure will be higher as not everyone with symptoms has been tested.

Coronavirus data from Public Health Wales differs to data from the Office for National Statistics.

Public Health Wales data only includes deaths in hospitals and care homes, where Covid-19 has been confirmed with a positive laboratory test.

The ONS figure includes all deaths in all locations, where Covid-19 is mentioned on a death certificate. The virus may be a factor in the death, rather than the main cause, and does not need to be confirmed with a positive laboratory test.

A new contact tracing system is being rolled out across Wales this week, as lockdown restrictions are eased.

The Welsh Government's 'Test, Trace, Protect' strategy is designed to help control the spread of coronavirus.

From now, anyone who tests positive for the virus will be contacted by a 'tracer', who will ask the person for details of everyone they have recently had close contact with.

All of these close contacts will be followed up and they will each be asked to self-isolate for 14 days as a precaution to prevent the virus spreading further.

The 'Test, Trace, Protect' strategy is designed to help control the spread of coronavirus in Wales. Credit: PA

Meanwhile, Wales' Health Minister Vaughan Gething has said people shouldn't avoid seeking urgent or emergency treatment during the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking at the Welsh Government's daily press conference, Mr Gething said that NHS activity is currently between 25 and 40-percent lower than it would normally be.

Daily attendances at emergency departments are a third lower, with the greatest decrease in activity being among children under 16, where activity has more than halved.

The Health Minister said this was because some people have put off seeking care, because they have been worried about going to hospital during the pandemic.

Mr Gething also warned that some lockdown measures may have to be reintroduced in the winter.

He said it would depend on the "reservoir of coronavirus that exists and people's behaviour."

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