Poll reveals fears about using public transport when lockdown eases

Welsh voters remain strongly in favour of lockdown and are worried about the health risks they'll face from coronavirus when the restrictions are eased, a ITV Wales poll has shown.

Polling began after the First Minister announced last Friday that there would only be a modest relaxation of the rules for no but that some businesses, such as non-essential shops, should begin to prepare for a possible reopening later this month.

The poll found that two-thirds of Welsh voters supported the changes announced by Mark Drakeford, which mainly made it possible to meet friends and family, provided it was outside and only involved a local journey.

The poll also asked about health risks from Covid-19 associated with a further easing of lockdown. It found that people are concerned about using public transport, shopping, visiting busy parks, beaches and beauty spots and about going to their place of work.

The percentages are based on people who said that they would face those risks and are concerned about them.

  • Using public transport 78%

  • Going shopping 68%

  • Visiting busy parks, beaches and beauty spots 64%

  • Going to place of work 54%

78% stated that at present the lockdown rules should continue, although 39% said they were concerned that some of the civil liberties suspended during the coronavirus emergency, such as the freedom to socialise, could be permanently curtailed.

Credit: Transport for Wales

It comes as Transport for Wales (TfW) urged commuters to only use public transport services if it’s essential, there’s no other travel alternative available to them, to stay local, and avoid busy times.

On Thursday, it launched a campaign highlighting how travellers can keep themselves, transport staff and the rest of Wales as safe as possible,

  • YouGov questioned 1,021 Welsh adults between May 29 and June 1.