Chepstow is teetering on the edge of two very different lockdowns.

One side of the river is Wales. The other side, England. And they have two different sets of rules.

At the start of the pandemic, the message from the two nations was clear and the same. Stay home, save the NHS and save lives. But as the different governments navigate the easing of lockdown, there is a growing divide across the River Wye.

For Jo Ferns and her family the difference is clear. They live in Chepstow on the Welsh side of the border, but Jo works at a school in Bristol. As she returned to work on Monday, her son Harry stayed home.

He's in year six and he really wants to go back before he starts secondary school in September.

Jo Ferns

Yesterday's announcement means that Harry will be able to go back to school at the end of the month.

But the disparity between the rules still affects the family in other ways. Jo's parents and sister live across the border in England. Too far away for Wales' five mile travelling rule.

Moon & Co estate agents is even closer to the border; just a few hundred metres away from England.

They usually sell properties on both sides of the river, but the rules in Wales mean things here are difficult.

On the English side I say it's business as normal but we're social distancing, and being very aware of Covid-19. In Wales, it's still in lockdown.

Peter Moon

At Country Clutter gift shop, Louise Burton is preparing to reopen. Non-essential shops in England will be able to open from the 15th June. But Wales won't make a decision until the 18th.

We're hoping to open up in two weeks time, but that's not looking like that at all.

Louise Burton, Country Cutter gift shop

Chepstow has become the lockdown frontier. And even though it's easy to cross from one country to another, the gap between the two nations feels wider.

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