A farmer said he has had to call police at least 10 times over the last week because of teenagers who keep gathering on his private land despite lockdown rules.

Rob Williams, who runs Abbey Farm in Rhuddlan, Denbighshire said the group are 'wreaking havoc'.

On Monday officers attended and arrested a teenage girl while up to 100 others were sent home.

The third-generation farmer said in recent weeks, his livestock has been terrorised with fireworks, with some fields left unsafe for grazing because of the number of empty beer bottles and used needles strewn around.

Gates and fences have been wrecked or left open and fires have beenlit at the site, sparking fears among Rob and his wife, Celia that they could be catastrophic in the hot weather.

Speaking to North Wales Live, Rob said it has 'gotten worse' since lockdown began.

The land is private and no matter what I do to stop them gaining access, they still do, they even climb over barbed wire.We've had a few issues over the last two years but it's definitely got a lot worse since lockdown. People say: 'What's the harm? They are only having fun,' but this is private land and their actions are harmful to my animals, especially when they are being used as target practice. The groups are getting bigger and are coming from further afield.

Rob Williams

Earlier this week, North Wales Police pleaded with parents to check on the whereabouts of their children and do their bit to warn them about the spread of coronavirus.

North Wales Police Inspector James Keene said: “Officers did attend todeal with a group of youths congregating in the Rhuddlan area, breaching Covid rules.

They engaged, explained and encouraged the group to disperse, which they eventually did. However one female was arrested for a public order offence.

North Wales Police Inspector James Keene