£500 bonus for carers to be extended to kitchen and cleaning staff in care homes

First Minister Mark Drakeford has said the payment of £500 for all social care workers will be extended to kitchen, cleaning and all staff working in care homes.

The announcement came in the daily coronavirus press conference held on Friday 5 June.

On 1 May, the First Minister announced a cash bonus to say thank you to those workers who had carried out their caring duties throughout the pandemic.

Hoewever, on Wednesday 3 June, ITV News revealed that those care workers will have to pay tax and National Insurance contributions on the payment.

Speaking in response, Mr Drakeford said he was disappointment on the UK Government's decision not to waive the tax.

"We were disappointed to see the news emerging from the UK Government it would not be waiving tax on the £500 payment but we are continuing discussions with HM Treasury.

We will continue to make the case for every penny of this payment goes to those people who have made such a vital contribution during the pandemic.

We will be sharing guidance with local authorities and employers about how these payments will be made over the weeks ahead.

The diverse nature of the social care sector means not every eligible care worker will receive the payment on the same day, but we are working hard to make sure the payments are made as quickly as possible."

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