Woman's business 'flooded' with orders as people show support after swastika graffitied on her home

A woman's business has been "flooded" with orders as people show their support after a swastika was painted on her garage door.

The "abhorrent" symbol was sprayed on Margaret Ogunbanwo's home inPenygroes, Gwynedd the early hours of Saturday morning.

The mother-of-two found it as she was leaving her house for a walk.

Mrs Ogunbanwo said the obscene image "stopped her in her tracks" andshe took a photo to show her husband Femi before leaving the house.

North Wales Police have released CCTV footage of a man they want to speak to as part of an investigation.

The force believes the house was spray-painted at around 2am and urgedanyone with information, or anybody who "witnessed suspiciousbehaviour" to call 101.

Mrs Ogunbanwo has lived in Penygroes for 13 years. Credit: Margaret Ogunbanwo

Mrs Ogunbanwo runs a business called Maggie's Exotic Foods from the site of the old Red Lion pub and has lived in Penygroes for 13 years.

The family has been subjected to abuse before in the village but thisis the first time she felt the need to call in the police.

A window in their home was smashed when they first moved to thevillage and more recently her daughter Ileri's car was keyed.

But the painting of the racist symbol outside their home has left them shaken and upset.

She said: "I couldn't believe it, I was stopped in my tracks. And then I thought I better not go for my walk because if someone feels this way towards me and my family I might be putting myself in danger," shesaid.

Margaret Ogunbanwo, pictured here with her son. Credit: Margaret Ogunbanwo

Mrs Ogunbanwo said she hopes she's "not in danger."

She said: "It's still too new for me, I still can't believe it. Is it possible in this village where we think we all look out for each other? If I saw this on a neighbour's house I'd be concerned for them."

"As far as I know, we're keeping an eye out for each other and I wouldhope that I am not in danger living in my village," she added.

Her online business selling sauces and spice mixes has been "flooded" with orders as people show their support.

Penygroes county councillor Judith Humphreys said: "We do not and will not stand for this abhorrent act of hate crime and vandalism on one of our own, this upstanding family, who are firmly and deeply rooted here in our community."

She added: "This today is NOT a Penygroes I know. This is NOT a Penygroes many of you will know."