The volunteers spreading joy through song at care homes across Wales

A small group of people have worked hard to help entertain elderly and vulnerable people in care homes during the coronavirus pandemic.

Kelly Turpin works for an organisation that visits care homes across Wales to provide massage and beauty therapy to residents, but as they weren't allowed to enter the buildings due to coronavirus restrictions she thought of other ways in which they could support people.

She rallied together volunteers who recorded special versions of iconic songs, such as 'You Are My Sunshine', and then streamed them to the homes for residents to listen to.

Kelly Turpin said that it was important to help support people in care homes. Credit: ITV Wales

Kelly was one of the key organisers in pulling together the volunteers for the recordings and she described how pleased she was at the success of the videos.

It was something that residents and people with dementia could really engage with.

Kelly Turpin, Organiser

"We came up with a way in which we could still interact with them safely, and so we decided that we would go with the singing," Kelly continued.

One of the volunteers who was gathered a lot of praise on social media for her song was primary school teacher Michaela Davies.

The video of her singing for residents received thousands of views on Facebook.

She recorded 'What A Wonderful World' and then went and performed outside to residents from a care home in Porthcawl with her sister and her niece.

I used to do a lot of singing a while ago but I don't do a huge amount now, it has just been really nice to get back in to it and it was lovely to do.

Michaela Davies

"We chose the song because the words are truly special in that song," Michaela continued.

Michaela Davies performing on video for the residents. Credit: ITV Wales

The aim of the videos is to try and raise the spirits of residents in the care homes that Kelly and her team would usually be attending every day.

"We need to make sure that although they are in isolated care homes they are not forgotten during the pandemic," she ended.