Fundraising page to help support family injured in explosion at Seven Sisters house raises £11,000 in 48 hours

The explosion in Seven Sister left two children and a woman seriously injured. Credit: ITV Cymru

A fundraising page started to help support the people affected by an explosion at a house in Seven Sisters has raised over £11,000 in 48 hours.

On Wednesday, a terraced house was completed destroyed after an explosion. It left two children and a woman seriously injured.

Emergency services including police, ambulance, air ambulance and fire service were called to Church Road in Port Talbot shortly after 2pm.

The two injured boys, aged two and five, were airlifted to Southmead Hospital in Bristol, whilst a 31-year-old woman was taken to Morriston Hospital.

They all remain in hospital and are said to be in a critical but stable condition.

A fundraiser was then set up online to help those who have been affected by the explosion and within two days it had already exceeded the target.

A fundraising page has already received hundreds of donations. Credit: ITV Cymru

So far there has been over 500 donors to the page online, with a total of £11,190 being raised.

The organiser of the page said that it was to help support the family involved in the incident, before they could welcome them back to the Seven Sisters community.

The explosion is as yet unexplained, but a number of residents and business owners in the area were the first responders.

Stephen Lewis, a retired firefighter, was one of the first people at the scene and said 'instinct kicked in' when he helped lift a fridge off the injured woman in the house.

Investigations are still underway to determine the cause of the explosion.