Groups gathering to drink alcohol and litter in Cardiff Bay 'are ruining it for others'

Credit: Matthew Horwood

A part of Cardiff Bay has become a litter hotspot as large groups of people gather to drink and socialise in the area.

On Friday night South Wales Police were called to Bute Crescent to disperse a large group of people drinking alcohol after reports of anti-social behaviour.

Photos taken on Saturday morning show Roald Dahl Plass, which is opposite the Wales Millennium Centre, strewn with empty beer bottles, cans and canisters of the drug Nitros Oxide (more commonly known as laughing gas).

South Wales Police say no issues with anti-social behaviour were reported on Saturday evening.

Large groups of people gathered in Cardiff Bay on Friday evening Credit: Matthew Horwood

Council workers were seen out cleaning up piles of rubbish early on Saturday morning.

Cardiff Council has warned they have a ''zero tolerance'' for littering and anyone caught will face a fine of £100.

Visit Cardiff Bay said the behaviour of some ''is ruining it for others.''

''Please don't treat it like a rubbish tip,'' they said.

''Put your litter in the bins provided or, if they're full, take it home with you.''