Welsh farmer finds six sheepdog puppies dumped in his trailer

Carwyn Thomas found the puppies in his livestock trailer over the weeekend.

A farmer from Anglesey was left surprised when he found six sheepdog puppies dumped in his livestock trailer.

Carwyn Thomas, of Plas Coedana, found the puppies at around at the weekend.

According to the farmer, the dogs were extremely hungry and five were under nourished.

Carwyn said that the puppies were under nourished when he found them. Credit: DPW

He provided them with shelter in a stable on his farm and gave them food and water.

Carwyn posted on social media asking if anyone recognised the puppies and said he was 'inundated with calls' from people who were offering to help look after the dogs.

"My first concern was to find the owner but on looking at them carefully they were in a poor state, had not been microchipped and I concluded they would not be claimed," he continued."My main priority then became to ensure they go to loving homes and not be put down."There were so many people commenting, and whilst I have no doubt that their intentions are great, I can’t possibly vet people for suitability etc."

"I tried calling the local dog warden but they don't work at the weekends and eventually I contacted the North Clwyd Animal Rescue centre and they came and collected them," he said.

The dogs were picked up by an animal rescue team over the weekend, and Carwyn thanked the volunteers and people who commented on his online post.