The key dates you need to know as lockdown is eased further in Wales

People in Wales have been given more freedom in recent weeks as the Welsh Government continues to ease lockdown restrictions. Credit: PA Images/Harley Budd

On March 23 the Prime Minister placed the UK under lockdown in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus, which he described as "the biggest threat this country has faced for decades".

The message was clear and shared by all four nations - stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives.

Many restrictions in England have since been eased, with Boris Johnson allowing people to travel long distances, meet up in larger groups and stay at other households.

The First Minister has been slower to lift the same restrictions in Wales, something the Welsh Government said it "will not apologise for".

But as we continue to move out of lockdown, many of those rules are being scrapped or relaxed.

So, what are the key dates you need to know as lockdown is lifted in Wales?

Hairdressers can reopen by appointment only from July 13. Credit: PA Images

Venues will be expected to enforce social distancing rules, including providing table service and the option to pre-book to minimise the health risk.

The Welsh Government confirmed hairdressers would be allowed to reopen their doors for the first time in more than three months.

  •  Organised outdoor activities will be able to resume

This includes team sports, sports classes and other activities, such as dance and fitness classes, where these can be conducted outdoors.

Playgrounds and outdoor gyms can reopen from Monday 20 July. Credit: PA Images
  • Outdoor gyms, playgrounds, funfairs and community centres can reopen

Mark Drakeford said this will aim to help with the provision of summer holiday childcare and play schemes.

Underground tourist attractions can reopen from 25 July. Credit: Dan Yr Ogof
  • Holidaymakers can stay at campsites and other accommodation with shared facilities

Campsites and other shared tourist facilities will be given the green light to open on July 25.

  • Underground tourist attractions can reopen

This means cave attractions are able to welcome visitors back.

Treatments to the face are still not allowed under the new guidelines. Credit: Harley Budd

This will also include tattoo parlours and nail bars. These services are set to reopen from Monday 13 in England, and have already reopened in Northern Ireland.

  • People can view occupied homes

The viewing of occupied homes for rent or sale will restart in the housing market.

  • Cinemas, museums and galleries can welcome people back

Welsh Government have said these indoor attractions can reopen from 27 July if they are ready to do so.

  • Driving lessons can restart

Driving lessons will resume in Wales on 27 July.

Driving theory tests will restart on 3 August, along with vocational, motorcycle, car and trailer tests, and tractor driving tests. Driving tests will restart from 17 August, as well as driving instructor testing and standards checks.

Mark Drakeford said instructors have been able to give lessons to key workers throughout lockdown.

  • Face coverings become mandatory on public transport

The First Minister said a face covering must be worn while travelling on buses, trains and taxis from 27 July because "it is not always possible to maintain a 2m physical distance" when using these methods of transport.

Pubs, restaurants and cafes are set to reopen indoors from August 3. Credit: PA Images
  • Pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes can reopen indoor services

Pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes will be able to open indoors in Wales from August 3.

  • Up to 30 people can meet outdoors

Up to 30 people will be able to meet outside at a social distance, regardless of how many households they are from.

  • Children under 11 will not have to socially distance

Children under 11 will no longer have to maintain a 2m distance from each other or from adults. This is because scientific evidence shows the risk of transmission is lower among this age group. It will mean young children can meet their friends to play outdoors or give their grandparents a hug.

  • Wedding venues can reopen - outdoors

 Licensed wedding venues will be able to re-open to provide ceremonies, but indoor reception parties will not be able to resume just yet.

  • Other indoor pastimes to resume

Indoor bowling alleys, auction houses and bingo halls will be able to begin trading again.

Gyms will be able to reopen in Wales on 10 August. Credit: PA
  • Indoor leisure facilities to reopen

Gyms, swimming pools, spas and leisure centres will be able to reopen in Wales on 10 August - if conditions remain favourable. Outdoor facilities have been open since 20 July.

Shielding is set to be paused on 16 August. Credit: PA
  • Shielding ends

Wales' Chief Medical Officer has advised that people who are shielding at home, because they are at high risk of severe coronavirus symptoms, will no longer need to shield from this date.

Up to four households - up from two - will be able to join together to form a single household from Saturday 22 August, if the situation remains 'stable'.

  • Meals for up to 30 people at weddings and funerals

Weddings and funerals will be able to include a meal for up to 30 people providing they are held in venues that allow for social distancing.

Casinos will be able to reopen from 29 August providing they follow safety guidelines. Credit: PA Images

Indoor visits to care homes will be allowed in Wales from 29 August "if conditions remain favourable".

An exclusive poll for ITV News revealed the majority of care homes in England would not fully reopen to visitors despite a change in UK Government guidance in July.

The response came after some care home residents in England were told they would be allowed to see their loved ones in the flesh for the first time in months after the coronavirus pandemic put a stop to in-person visits.

  • Casinos can reopen

Casinos will be allowed to reopen from Saturday 29 August, provided they follow the guidance available to them.

  • Children go back to school

From 1 September, schools and further education colleges will return from the summer break, with lessons being taught in the classroom and remotely.

The First Minister said: "The return of pupils is the most significant important activity which will take place in Wales during the next 21 days and most of the headroom we have is being devoted to making this a success."

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