Llandudno mountain goats return to form orderly queue outside hairdressers

Llandudno mountain goats that took over empty streets of north Wales town seen queueing for hairdresser.
The four mountain goats were caught disobeying social distancing rules as they queued for a trim outside a hairdresser in Llandudno. Credit: Brian Lane

A trip of mountain goats have been spotted queuing outside a barber shop in Llandudno.

Despite hairdressers in Wales not yet reopening, the foursome were caught setting up camp on Tuesday night.

The Kashmiri goats rose to international fame after taking over the north Wales town in March, with videos of their surprising visit shared by more than a million people on social media, including US comedian and television host Ellen DeGeneres.

Normally grazing on the unpopulated Great Orme, quieter streets due to lockdown saw them running through the town, climbing on walls and nibbling on garden flowers.

The goats received so much attention that North Wales Police had to warn people not to travel to see them, as lockdown restrictions then prohibited all non-essential travel.

Thousands of pounds were raised for a Llandudno hospice from sales of a t-shirt featuring the goats.

In a clever nod to its location, St David's Hospice, situated on Abbey Road, channeled The Beatles' iconic Abbey Road album cover - instead illustrating the goats trotting across the zebra crossing.

The wild goats normally spend their time living on the heights of the Great Orme, a headland on the north coast of Wales. Credit: Andrew Stuart

Andrew Stuart, who has lived in Llandudno for almost 22 years, witnessed the goats' takeover in March.

He said the goats are still being seen in the town quite regularly, despite the streets becoming busier with people as lockdown restrictions ease.

"I’ve seen them come back to Trinity Square quite a lot - there’s a group of four that seem to go exploring all the time!

"The mischief and antics of them has definitely helped to lift spirits - not just in the town but globally when the images and video get shared on social media by myself and many other people."

Two goats were seen doing some synchronised trimming. Credit: Andrew Stuart

Conwy Council said there was nothing they could do to stop goats wandering into the town.

“Goats going into town is nothing unusual, particularly at this time of year, there is no way of stopping them," a spokesperson said.

The herd were a gift to Lord Mostyn from Queen Victoria and have been recruited as the Regimental Goat in the Royal Welsh Army in a tradition that dates back to 1884.

The Regimental Goat is most famous for his appearances before Wales matches during the Six Nations.

It is thought the goats venture down into the town while they wait for the spring growth of grass. Credit: Andrew Stuart

It is thought the goats could become a more common sighting in the town even as lockdown is eased.

People in Wales can now travel long distances after the 'stay local' rule was lifted.

Andrew Stuart said: "I’d like to think it could be the new normal as Llandudno is getting gradually busier and they’re still venturing out - we’ll see though in a few weeks or so, when businesses fully reopen."