Pubs, restaurants and hairdressers begin reopening in Wales as part of significant changes to lockdown

Outdoors hospitality businesses can reopen from today; hairdressers and barber can also see customers by appointment only from Monday 13. Credit: PA Images

Outdoor hospitality, hairdressers and barbers have reopened their doors in Wales as significant changes to lockdown restrictions come into force.

Pubs, cafes and restaurants are now allowed to serve customers in their outdoors areas while hairdressers can take bookings for today, onwards.

Extra safety measures may be put in place at businesses reopening, such as one-way systems, however a relaxation to the two-metre social distancing rule also applies from Monday to help those like hairdressers.

The First Minister has repeatedly said that a "successful" opening of outdoors hospitality will pave the way for those businesses to reopen indoors. August 3 is potentially when those in the sector can open their inside spaces.

Only outdoors hospitality areas will be allowed to open. Credit: PA Images

Hospitality businesses in England have been allowed to operate inside and outside since July 4. English hairdressers have also been able to open from that date.

First Minister, Mark Drakeford urged Welsh people to "act responsibly" when pubs and restaurants reopen here. He said he hopes Wales will not see large crowds, similar to those in London, when pubs reopened across the border.

As pubs and bars reopened in England, crowds gathered in London's Soho. Credit: PA Images

In the days leading up to Monday 13, some pub and restaurant owners said they were unhappy with the guidance from Welsh Government on reopening outdoors.

One pub owner in Cardiff said he is "nervous" about reopening as they have had "virtually nothing" in way of guidance.

Mr Drakeford said plenty of guidance already exists within the sector itself and it is the "responsibility" of business owners "to go and find that guidance."

Not all businesses will be reopening because relying solely on outdoors spaces may not be financially viable for them. Wetherspoon and Brains announced that they will remain closed until they can reopen their facilities fully, "rain or shine".

Some hospitality businesses will not be reopening on Monday because they say it is not financially viable to open outdoors only. Credit: PA Images

At the Welsh Government press briefing on Friday 10, Mr Drakeford announced a relaxation in social distancing rules to help businesses like hairdressers reopen.

While two metres will continue to be the default position, in situations where it cannot be maintained, businesses will be required to implement additional measures to reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

These measures include minimising face-to-face contact and maintaining hygiene standards.

Where a two-metre distance cannot be kept, businesses will have to implement extra safety measures like minimising face to face contact. Credit: PA Images

Some outdoor attractions also opened it's doors for the first time today. Pembrokeshire zoo, Folly Farm, is one of the tourist spots to reopen with the addition of new safety measures. Bright yellow markers encourage people to keep their two metre distance on site and only around a quarter of the permitted capacity are allowed in at any one time.

Outdoors team sports can can also resume from Monday 13 but rugby scrums are still prohibited.