'60 vehicles' turned away from Snowdon's Pen-y-Pass by 8am

Cars at Pen-y-Pass
A recovery vehicle parked at Snowdon's Pen-y-Pass this morning Credit: North Wales Police

North Wales Police say they turned away 60 cars from Snowdonia's Pen-y-Pass this morning, amid a warning that cars blocking the road will be towed away.

It comes after chaotic scenes in the area last weekend. Fines were issued and a local lifeboat service said irresponsible motorists were 'potentially putting lives at risks' by parking on the lifeboat forecourt.

On their Twitter feed this morning, North Wales Police claimed drivers said they thought the force was "just bluffing" when it said cars would be towed if they were obstructing the roads.

Police later posted a photo of a recovery vehicle which they said was 'about to tow' two vehicles parked illegally.

Last weekend 500 cars parked on the roads around Pen-y-Pass, a popular area for visitors hoping to ascend Snowdon.

A councillor for Gwynedd Council described the scenes as "scary" and appealed to visitors to use common sense.

A warden from the National Park Authority said parking on the roads was dangerous, as cyclists and cars were unable to pass safely.

This is the third weekend since the rule prohibiting people from travelling further than five miles in Wales was lifted.

Additional cones were placed on the A5 to stop illegal parking Credit: Traffic Wales photo