Pembrokeshire councillor Paul Dowson accused of 'sowing division' following Black Lives Matter comments

Credit: Pembrokeshire County Council

A Pembrokeshire councillor has been criticised following social media comments he appeared to make about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Paul Dowson, an independent councillor at Pembrokeshire County Council, appeared to make a series of social media posts after the town's County Hall was lit up in support of the movement last month.

One of the posts reads, "We all agree that black lives matter. As do white lives."

It goes on to say, "Are we supporting the actions of BLM protesters stoning police officers in the UK over something that took place in the USA."And in a separate comment, he appears to claim that BLM is linked to Hamas - the Palestinian terrorist group.

The posts have since been deleted. 

The BLM movement gained prominence all over the world following the death of George Floyd Credit: PA

The chair of Unison in Pembrokeshire, Manuela Hughes criticised Cllr Dowson's apparent comments accusing him of "sowing division" in the community."

""We expect our leaders who have been voted in democratically to lead by example, to embrace the community they represent and not to sow division." 

The Public Services Ombudsman's office said it is looking into comments made by Mr Dowson, but did not disclose the nature of their investigation.

Pembrokeshire County Hall was lit up in support of the BLM movement last month Credit: Pembrokeshire County Council

In response, Mr Dowson told ITV Wales: '' My opposition was against the council publicly stating its solidarity and support for the "BLM protests".

''I stated I did not oppose the message or the cause, just our public support of the "protests". The minute the first police officer was attacked by a protester the BLM lost the moral high ground. I was completely against the fact the protesters didn't think our lives mattered''

Mr Dowson also recently told a local newspaper he is "not racist" and has done "more to stand up for racism than any keyboard warriors."

The Black Lives Matter movement gained prominence back in May when George Floyd died after a white police officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes during an arrest.

The incident sparked worldwide protests against police brutality and racism.