Butetown community appeals for help with 'desperate' coronavirus situation in Yemen

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Covid-19 is having a devastating impact in Yemen Credit: PA

The Yemini community in Butetown has been raising money to help those in Yemen with the devastating impact of coronavirus.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates one in four people who contract Covid-19 is dying in Yemen.

The Butetown Yemini community is urging people in Wales to help the country. 

Daoud Salaman, the Chairman of the South Wales Islamic Center, said: "There is no way Yemen will cope with the present coronavirus. In the cities, they are slightly better off, but in the villages, it would be nigh-on impossible."

In 1860, when the South Wales coal mining industry was at its peak, thousands of Yemeni sailors came to Cardiff and settled in Butetown. Many of their descendants still call Cardiff home.

Daoud's family have been in Wales since 1934 but like many in his community, he spent years living in Yemen in his youth.  

Yemeni sailors came to work in Cardiff's docks when the coal mining industry was at its peak Credit: Daoud Salaman

The Yemeni community in Cardiff have heard that their relatives in Yemen have no medical facilities or supplies and little access to food and running water. Daoud said the situation is "desperate".

Daoud said: "On top of Covid-19, there is shortages of food, water, medication, doctors, hospitals. If one is able to find food, it is too expensive to buy. You see young children and the elderly who cannot help themselves just lying in the streets, wasting away."

Daoud Salaman said Yemen is close to his heart, even with all the troubles Credit: Daoud Salaman

The Disaster's Emergency Committee (DEC) in Wales recently launched a Coronavirus Appeal and so far £500,000 has been raised in Wales to help those with the most desperate need. Money raised in the appeal is being matched by the UK Government up to the value of £10 million. The money goes towards soap, hygiene kits and PPE for frontline workers.

The community in Butetown is urging people in Wales to help support those in Yemen during this crisis.