Thunder and lightning across Wales as the Met Office issues weather warnings

Thunder and lightning could be seen and heard across Wales on Wednesday evening after the Met Office issued a weather warning for thunderstorms lasting until Monday.

Bolts and flashes of lightning could be seen lighting up the skies, with heavy rain and gusty winds being recorded.

Weather warnings for thunderstorms have been issued. Credit: Met Office

The Met Office says thunderstorms develop when the atmosphere is unstable. Lightning is a large electrical discharge that flows between clouds, from a cloud to air, or from a cloud to the ground.A yellow 'be aware' weather warning has been issued for all of Wales for thunderstorms, with a risk of gusty winds, hail, frequent lightning and heavy rainfall within a short period of time.

Disruption such as power cuts and flash flooding is also likely.

An amber 'be prepared' weather warning for parts of Wales has also been issued and is in place until just before midnight on Wednesday evening.

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