Passengers on flight to Cardiff from Zante told to self-isolate after coronavirus cases confirmed onboard

A Tui plane
Entire flight from Zante to Cardiff have been told to self-isolate. Credit: PA Images

Passengers on a flight to Wales from a Greek island have been told they ''must self-isolate'' after at least seven people on board tested positive for coronavirus.

Public Health Wales said the seven cases were from three different parties on a TUI flight from Zante to Cardiff on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, a coronavirus outbreak was reported in Plymouth after a group of 30 teenagers returned from holiday in Zante.

Dr Giri Shankar, Incident Director for the Coronavirus outbreak response at Public Health Wales, said he is advising all passengers and close contacts to self-isolate to limit the spread of the virus.

“Cardiff and Vale Test Trace Protect and Public Health Wales have identified at least seven confirmed cases of COVID-19 from three different parties who were infectious on TUI Flight 6215 from Zante to Cardiff on 25 August.''

An outbreak was confirmed in Plymouth after 11 people tested positive after returning from Zante.

He appealed particularly to young people to be cautious of passing on the virus to elderly family members or contacts. “I would make a direct appeal to young people to remember that even if they feel that they would not be badly affected by COVID-19 if they were to test positive for it, if they were to pass it on to older or more vulnerable family members, friends or colleagues it could be extremely serious, even fatal.

Health officials are urging anyone with symptoms to book a test ''without delay.''

It comes as 56 new cases were confirmed in Wales as of Sunday, but no deaths were recorded.

The Greek Island, Zante, is a popular destination for young tourists. Credit: PA Images

All 193 people, including passengers and staff, have been contacted.

A TUI spokesperson said all aircrafts re deep cleaned after every flight and fully disinfected at least once every 24 hours. It said all passengers and crew wear PPE and ''follow guidelines at all times whilst onboard.''

''We can confirm that, at the request of Public Health Wales, we have contacted all passengers on board TOM6215 from Zante to Cardiff on 25th August. The safety and well-being of passengers and crew is our highest priority and we operate in line with European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) guidelines.''

Is Zante on the quarantine list?

The Greek Island is not not currently subject to the UK’s quarantine rules. The Department of Transport said they cannot comment on whether Zante will be put on the list.

There are a number of factors that are taken into consideration when the UK Government decide if a country should be subject to quarantine rules:

  • Estimated prevalence of COVID-19 in a country

  • level and rate of change in the incidence of confirmed positive cases

  • the extent of testing in a country

  • testing regime and test positivity

  • extent to which cases can be accounted for by a contained outbreak as opposed to more general transmission in the community

  • Government actions;

  • and other relevant epidemiological information.