Customer left behind 'mind-blowing' tip after ordering a pint in Cardiff pub

020920 Pub tip

A pub landlord says he was astonished after discovering a customer left a £100 tip after only ordering a single pint.Chris Rowlands of craft beer bar Bubs, in Cardiff, thought a customer had overpaid by mistake when £100 was added to his £4.90 bill.He contacted his online payment platform Yoello to query the payment - and was put in touch with the customer.The man said he had left the money to "help the place out" after the Covid lockdown.Mr Rowlands said: “I saw that a customer who’d enjoyed a pint with us on a Tuesday evening had tipped £100."It was just a £4.90 order so I thought it had to have been a mistake."We spoke to the guys at Yoello who were able to put us in contact with the customer."When we spoke to him it turned out that he really did intend to tip that much to help the place out through all the Covid-19 issues.“I was stunned, it was quite mind-blowing that someone would think of doing that."It’s nice to hear there’s still some good in the world!”