Rod Stewart sends student nurse £5,000 cheque after she was hospitalised with coronavirus

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Natasha said she was "gobsmacked" when the cheque came through Credit: PA Images/Wales News Service

Superstar singer Sir Rod Stewart helped a trainee nurse who was hospitalised with coronavirus get back on her feet after sending her £5,000.Student nurse Natasha Jenkins, 36, was half way through her second year studies when she was diagnosed with Covid-19 and had to spend 22 days on a ventilator.Natasha ended up missing exams during her battle against the virus.But a video of her heartwarming reunion with her family was shared online - and was spotted by Sir Rod who sent the generous cheque to help her recover.The singer, 75, also wrote a signed note that said: "Hi Natasha, a small gift to help you through the rough times."

Sir Rod sent a cheque to the nurse after seeing a video of her being reunited with her family Credit: Wales News Service

Now thanks to the help, Natasha has been able to re-sit her exams - and passed with the support of family, friends and the rockstar.She said: "I was gobsmacked with the cheque. I’ve joined a gym which is helping me physically and mentally and life is really good at the minute.“I've received the best support from all my friends and family and I really wouldn't be in the position I am today without them.”Natasha was strong enough at the end of July to submit a literature review which she missed while she was on a ventilator.“If I was to fail that particular paper then I would have had to re-sit my second year.“Thankfully even though I’ve been left with cognitive issues and only a couple of weeks to write it, I was able to pass which meant I can progress to my final year.“I was completely expecting to fail as I really struggled with this paper so was elated when I received the pass and cried because I was so shocked and relieved.Natasha, of Barry, South Wales, was treated at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff after developing pneumonia and testing positive for the virus.The mum-of-three now needs the support of a frame to walk, is suffering with fatigue and needs 12 months of rehabilitation.She says she feels like "I've gone back to being a child again."Natasha said: "I'm doing really good now. When I saw what Rod Stewart had sent me I was absolutely gob-smacked. It was a really, really lovely kind thing for him to do.“I've been told my recovery could take six to 12 months. It sounded bleak and difficult.“However, I feel that my positive outlook has helped with my recovery and I just took it at a slow pace.“I concentrated on the things I could do rather than what I couldn’t do and eventually I became stronger and more independent.“My goal when I embarked on my nursing course was to eventually become a practice nurse, but now I would love to work in ITU and help others who have been in the same position as myself.”