'If you don't care about yourself, care about others' Police boss urges people in Caerphilly to adhere to lockdown

The head of Gwent police has warned the people of Caerphilly to follow the rules after the county was placed into a local lockdown due to a spike in coronavirus cases.

The Welsh Government said the cases, of which there have been 151 in the last week, is spreading within the community with links to "clusters of people meeting indoors, not following social distancing guidelines and summer holidays overseas."

The range of new measures include a ban on people meeting outside of their individual households indoors and everyone over the age of 11 must wear face coverings in shops.

People are not allowed to enter or leave the borough without a "reasonable excuse", which includes going to work or school.

The local lockdown in Caerphilly is expected to last until at least October

Pam Kelly, Chief Constable of South Wales Police said if people do not follow the new guidance, "the virus will spread across Wales."

She said people who continue to flout the laws will be fined, and taken to court if regulations continue to be breached.

"If you flout the rules, you are putting people at risk - your family, community young and old - and that virus will spread across Wales.

"If you don't care about yourself, care about others. We don't want to go into a full lockdown. We want to preserve health of Wales, and to preserve the economy."

People have been told not to leave or enter the borough during the local lockdown Credit: PA

Her comments come after Caerphilly recorded a further 33 cases, bringing the total to 151 in the last seven days.

The incidence rate in the area is now at 83.4 per 100,000 of the population.

Asked how the force will be policing the lockdown, Chief Constable Kelly told ITV News officers will be stopping vehicles and "having a chat" and people are likely to see an increase in police on the streets, but she said the focus is on "working with the community."

"This isn't about roadblocks or stopping people going through a road. This is about working with our community to stop the spread of the virus."

She added, the situation regarding pubs is being "carefully monitored" following criticism that pubs were remaining open during the lockdown, but "one size doesn't fit all."

"Some pubs are managing their premises very carefully. Why should they be hit in the pocket when other premises are not? W will be visible and making sure people are adhering to the guidance. If they are not, we will work with colleagues and shut them down."