People 'scared' and 'worried' as Merthyr Tydfil faces possibility of local lockdown

People in Merthyr Tydfil say they are worried as the town faces the possibility of a local lockdown.

In the past seven days, 6% of people in Merthyr who were tested for the coronavirus tested positive for coronavirus - that's higher than the 5.1% who tested positive in Caerphilly.

There are fresh warnings that an increase in coronavirus cases could lead to more local lockdowns. A total of 102 new cases were reported across Wales as of Thursday.

Melanie Lewis has been checking in on her parents, Frances and Bill, and bringing them supplies since lockdown began as they were both shielding at home.

video Melanie took showing her bringing the pair evaporated milk but no corned beef or coffee went viral in March.

Melanie fears for her mother's mental health should there be a local lockdown. Credit: ITV Wales

However now Melanie thinks a new lockdown would be detrimental for her mother's mental health.

''I am a bit worried and a bit apprehensive and know it's for our own benefit, but it's going to be hard for a lot of people especially for people who will be looking after their parents or someone that's shielding.''

''Well for my mam, I don't know how she's going to cope, she's only just starting going back out shopping. That was a little bit of freedom for her. I really don't think her mental health is going to cope.''

For others in the town, the uncertainty of what could happen has left the community confused.

Many people feel the rising number of new coronavirus cases is due to people meeting indoors, not socially distancing, returning from holidays abroad and failing to self-isolate.

Earlier this month, health officials urged younger people to follow social distancing rules after an increase in virus transmission amongst 20-30 year olds.

Although under 30 herself, salon owner Hannah thinks the problem lies with younger generations. She says another lockdown will affect the business she's built over the last three years.

Sally says a local lockdown would affect her salon business. Credit: ITV Wales News

''You see in Merthyr town - they are in gangs. I think it is unfortunately, the younger generation. we're basically starting from day one again so it is hard, I don't know if we could survive another lockdown I really don't.''

However, others like Melanie, say the blame lies on everyone.

''Everyone has gone a bit lax. You don't see people sanitising the trolley, they've stopped all the markings, for a second you think you're back to normal.''

Almost 200 pupils at Lliswerry High School in Newport have been told to self-isolate. Credit: Google maps

As of Tuesday, restrictions and limitations have been announced in different ways and in different parts of the country. 

In Bridgend, family and friends can no longer visit loved ones in care homes, while in Porth, a new Covid testing centre was opened to deal with the spike in cases in Rhondda Cynon Taff.

And almost 200 children at Lliswerry High School in Newport were the latest pupils to be told to stay home and self-isolate.