A fresh look for politics on ITV Cymru Wales with Sharp End relaunch and new podcast

Rob Osborne Wales Sharp End
Rob Osborne will be taking over from Political Editor Adrian Masters as presenter of the new series of Sharp End.

Politics on ITV Cymru Wales will have a fresh look as Sharp End relaunches with a new look and a new presenter.

National Correspondent Rob Osborne takes over in the hot seat as Political Editor Adrian Masters launches a new political podcast and concentrates on daily news coverage on air and online.

The new series returns to ITV Cyrmu Wales on Monday, September 14 at 10:45pm, and will continue to analyse and explain political decisions, announcements and issues to find out what they mean for Wales.

Sharp End Producer Ailsa Chalk said: “We wanted to build on what Sharp End has always done.

“From Coronavirus to Brexit, education to jobs, every decision made has an impact on people and we want to tell those stories in a way that’s accessible, while still holding the decision makers to account.

“With the pandemic continuing to change the way we live our lives and an election in just a few months time, it’s a great time to bring back Sharp End with a new look for a new series.”

Political Editor Adrian Masters will focus on his new podcast 'The New Normal'

The new face of the show Rob Osborne takes over from Adrian who presented more than 350 Sharp End programmes for nearly ten years.

It is the latest in a 12-year career for Rob who has covered various stories during his time with ITV Wales, including following a Swansea grandmother to Dignitas in Switzerland and reporting on Welsh people caught up in the terror attack on Barcelona. 

“My dad once told me that politics was about people and that’s something I’ve never forgotten,” says Rob.

“I hope to use that approach on the new look Sharp End. I want to get around Wales, into different communities and hear what people on the ground are saying. That helps to spot trends and get a feel for politics as people see it. After all - they are the boss.”

The New Normal with Adrian Masters podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

The New Normal with Adrian Masters podcast is available to stream on Apple Podcasts and Spotify and will take a more in depth look at political matters in the country.

Early episodes include First Minister Mark Drakeford on making gruelling decisions during the pandemic and Cardiff Lord Mayor Dan De'Ath on the Black Lives Matter movement.

"These podcasts are called The New Normal and that works in more ways than one", said Adrian. "Because they're aiming at a different way of looking at politics as well as trying to understand the changed world we all live in as a result of coronavirus.

“So the pandemic is our starting point but not the politics of it, at least not straight away. 

“Have you noticed how nearly every conversation you have includes asking people about their experience of lockdown or isolating or even of having the virus? That's the way these conversations start and then go on to ask questions about the way governments are handling it before heading off into all sorts of unexpected directions. And they really are conversations: I'm listening as well as asking.”

Adrian speaks to a range of guests for each episode

Podcast Producer Ciara Cohen-Ennis added: "We have received some great feedback for the first few episodes of the podcast. One listener commented on the episode with Angela Burns and Dan De'Ath, 'How refreshing to hear such "normal" views in this abnormal time. Your guests give us such positive encouragement for a way forward into a new normal.' 

“Listeners have been enjoying the opportunity to hear extended interviews, which delve deeper into the professional and personal lives of those involved in politics." 

Zoe Thomas, Editor, English Language Programmes said “The last few extraordinary months have shown more than ever before the need for trusted, reliable content that is directly relevant to the people of Wales. The new look Sharp End and The New Normal podcast will provide that content across a range of platforms, and, we hope, reach out to new and existing audiences.”

  • The New Normal with Adrian Masters is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

  • Sharp End returns to ITV Cymru Wales at 10:45pm on Monday 14 September.