Crowds urged to keep away from Porthcawl after Elvis Festival is cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic

The Elvis Festival was cancelled last month due to the coronavirus pandemic. Credit: PA Images

People who had planned visits to Porthcawl later this month for the town's annual Elvis Festival weekend are being urged not to visit after the event was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Bridgend County Borough Council and South Wales Police do not want people to travel to Porthcawl over the weekend of 25-27 September, and to avoid gathering in large numbers in the town.

It follows a rise in cases of Covid-19 across the South Wales area that have already seen a local lockdown declared in Caerphilly and new changes to Welsh Government rules on how many people can meet people indoors.

Organisers cancelled the privately-run festival last month as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, but authorities remain concerned that people may still travel into Porthcawl in large numbers.

Porthcawl hosts the popular Elvis Festival every year, with people attending from across the UK. Credit: PA Images

Leader of Bridgend County Borough Council, Huw David said: “Our message to anyone who may be disappointed that the Elvis Festival is not taking place this year but who plans to visit Porthcawl to celebrate anyway is not to do so - think twice, stay safe, and stay home.

 “Despite the hard work and efforts of the last five months, we are starting to see an increase in positive cases of Covid-19 across South Wales, largely because not everyone is following the simple steps required to keep people safe.

“How we behave in coming weeks and months will largely determine whether the outbreak worsens, or whether we can continue to work towards overcoming it once and for all. We can do this by acting responsibly, and thinking sensibly. 

“Whether it is by not gathering in large numbers, always keeping two metres apart, washing our hands regularly, using sanitiser, working from home as much as possible or wearing a face covering in an enclosed public space, every simple effort helps."