Huge shark caught off West Wales coast thought to be record breaker

A huge, rare shark, thought to be 11ft long, has been caught by fishermen off the West Wales coast.

The massive Mako Shark, one of the fastest in the sea, was caught 35 miles off the coast of Milford Haven by anglers Rob Rennie and Daniel Kingsbury.

Skipper Rob, who runs his own private charter boat, spent two hours trying to bring the creature alongside the vessel but says it was too powerful to bring onboard.

After capturing it on video, the crew released the shark from their line and watched it swim away.

Rob, who's been a skipper for 15 years, says it was the biggest catch of his career so far.

The crew initially thought it was a Blue shark after spotting it on the surface of the water Credit: Rob Rennie

We had spotted the shark on the surface and initially thought it was a massive Blue. It took the bait immediately and we knew we had a Mako because it jumped clean out of the water. It was way too powerful - we followed it for over two hours and even after that it was still as strong - At the two hour point we knew we were never going to get it under control so we decided to release it.

Rob Rennie, Skipper

The current record for a rod-caught Mako shark in UK waters is 500lbs and dates back to 1971.

While Rob can't officially claim a new record, he believes this shark weighed as much as 1000 lbs and "was easily the size of a Great White" - if this were true, he says, it would be the biggest rod-caught shark ever caught in the UK.

Rob says he's "still bouncing" with excitement over the catch, which happened four hours in to a twelve hour fishing trip.

According to the Shark Angling Club of Great Britain, to claim a UK record, the shark must be physically weighed on land, which requires it to be killed and brought ashore.

The species can jump as high as 20 feet out of the water but are a rare sight in UK waters Credit: Rob Rennie

The Mako shark can swim at speeds of up to 50 mph, making it the fastest shark in the world.

According to the Marine Conservation Society, as well as being able to dive up to 400 feet, the mako shark can also jump as high as 20 feet out of the water.

The species is found all over the world.

With his latest catch, Rob believes he's become only the second fisherman in the UK to catch all four of the main shark species found in the UK - Porbeagle, Blue, Thresher and Mako.