Piers Morgan calls Welsh couple whose TV caused broadband outage 'favourite ever guests'

The Welsh couple whose TV caused a broadband outage every day at 7am for 18 months have said that they were turning on Good Morning Britain to watch Piers Morgan.

When appearing on the breakfast show with Morgan and Susanna Reid on Wednesday, Elaine and Alun Rees from Aberhosan in Powys said that they simply "didn't know" the TV was causing issues.

The pair were even described by Morgan as his "favourite ever guests", with Elaine continuing her crocheting whilst talking to the host.

The entire village had suffered with broadband problems every day, with repeated visits from engineers unable to sort the issues.

Frequent tests proved that the network was working fine, with broadband cable even being replaced in large sections of the village - but the problems continued.

An investigation revealed a burst of electrical interference in the village at 7am each day, which was traced to a property in the village.

Residents said that they experienced issues from 7am every morning.

It was then found that the resident switched on their old television at that time every day, causing the subsequent issues with broadband.

The ongoing problems prompted a visit from a special team of engineers from broadband company Openreach.

“We walked up and down the village in the torrential rain at 6am to see if we could find an ‘electrical noise’ to support our theory,” engineer Michael Jones said.

“And at 7am, like clockwork, it happened. Our device picked up a large burst of electrical interference in the village."

The engineers said that the homeowner was very co-operative and was keen to make sure the issues never occurred again.

"They immediately agreed to switch it off and not use it again.”

Elaine and Alun then revealed that they hadn't spoken to their neighbours about the problem yet, stating that nobody knew it was them causing the issue until Tuesday when the story was published.

Piers then offered to send them a 64in ultra HD TV so they can continue to watch him in the mornings without causing any more issues in the village.