Good Morning Britain delivers new TV to Welsh couple that caused broadband outage in their village

Good Morning Britain's Andi Peters made a special visit on Tuesday morning to deliver a brand new television to Elaine and Alun Rees in Powys after it was revealed that their old television caused a broadband outage in their village.

The couple's old TV caused a broadband outage every day at 7am for 18 months after they were turning on Good Morning Britain to watch Piers Morgan.

Elaine and Alun Rees from Aberhosan in Powys previously told ITV's Good Morning Britain that they simply "didn't know" the TV was causing issues.

The couple's old television had been causing a broadband outage in the village. Credit: Good Morning Britain

Elaine said the new television would be going 'straight up on the bedroom wall' so that she and husband Alun can watch Good Morning Britain in bed.

The couple also said that wearing masks while shopping has stopped people from recognising them so much, and that their story has reached as far as Australia and New Zealand.

Alun told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid that he has even been asked by people in the local area for his autograph after so many people spotted the pair on Good Morning Britain.