New parents in Swansea to receive free boxes of baby essentials as part of pilot scheme

Baby bundles are being delivered to parents in Swansea over the next few months. Credit: Welsh Government

Free boxes of essential baby items are being delivered to expecting parents in Swansea as part of a pilot scheme.

Around 200 'baby bundles' will be sent out to parents-to-be across the Swansea Bay University Health Board area.

The bundles will contain items like neutral baby clothes, toys, household items and products to support women after birth.

The packages are designed to help parents with the health and wellbeing of newborns in the early days of a baby's life.

Similar schemes have been successfully rolled out in places like Scotland and Finland.

Welsh Government and the health board are behind the initiative in Swansea.

The bundles contain items like neutral baby clothing as well as guidance and links to information on parenting. Credit: Welsh Government

The bundles are free for parents to receive and families have no obligation to accept a box if they do not wish too.

Some bundles will contain a baby wrap or sling while others contain a re-useable nappy starter pack. The bundles also contain useful guidance for new parents and links to online parenting information from the Welsh Government.

Karys Davies and her husband Ben, from Penllergaer in Swansea, were one of the first to receive a bundle earlier this week.

Karys said when the box arrived she "felt really excited" and like it was "an early Christmas present".

She said: "I really think other expectant parents will benefit from the baby bundle. It's a great starter kit - it's got a lot of things that you need when it can be a bit of a chaotic time trying to go out and make sure you’ve got everything.

"It just takes that pressure off the first few weeks when you don't really know what you're exactly going to need. There's a bit of everything in there to help you through that stage."

Karys was one of the first of 200 people to receive a baby bundle as part of the scheme. Credit: Welsh Government

The Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services, Julie Morgan, said the bundles "offer fantastic support to both parents and babies at such a vital stage in all of their lives".

She said that the scheme is even more important now during the pandemic and she hopes "these bundles will promote a more equal playing field for parents and their babies by reducing expenditure on newborn essentials.

She added that "evidence so far suggests parents in Swansea are keen to sign-up for this pilot at their 28-week antenatal appointment".

While the box is free for parents, they do not have to accept it if they do not wish to. Credit: Welsh Government

Decisions on what items would be included in the parcels was shaped by feedback from parents and professionals.

Bundles are being delivered over the next few months and the success of the scheme will be independently evaluated to decide if it should be rolled out more widely or permanently.