Meet our Pride of Britain 'Fundraiser of the Year' winner for Wales

A 24-year-old film-maker, who has autism, has been named as 'Fundraiser of the Year' for Wales.

Samuel Turner, from Carmarthenshire, has raised thousands for Cerebra - a charity for children with brain conditions.

Through runs and community events, his work has been recognised by the Pride of Britain Awards.

''Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your kind support. This really means a lot to me, I'm slightly speechless. I believe that children with a condition always exist and I'm always here to represent that in the future.''

Samuel has been raising money for a charity which helps children with brain conditions. Credit: Samuel Turner

His family were ''over the moon'' when they heard the news. His mum, Jacky, said she has been praying for this moment.

''I could cry with joy, knowing what he's done and what he's achieved, I've been praying for a long time for someone to acknowledge what he can do.''

''He's inspired so many people, so many children, tp be able to go on and do think they didn't they were able to do'', said his Personal Assistant, Melanie Clark.

Samuel's mum was 'over the moon'.

Samuel hopes to raise awareness of those with brain conditions, and dispel any misconceptions.

''There's other people and children living with brain conditions that I need to help in the world, and give them the support they need.''

He first started making films when he was just eleven years old and recently won an award at the Wales International Film Festival in Neath for his film about overcoming the obstacles of autism.

''The film shows other film-makers with disabilities that they can do whatever they want to.''

''Raising awareness doesn't come from the achievements, it comes from the heart. Be proud, powerful and strong. Don't ever be ashamed of who you are.''

Samuel's father hopes his work will inspire others. Credit: ITV Wales

His father, Barry, says his win will inspire others to do the same.

''If any other children, autistic children, special needs children, if you have got something in your head, stick with it and you will get there. Sam is a living example.''

The Pride of Britain Awards honours unsung heroes who have made a difference to others through their fundraising efforts.

Nominees are first considered in the ITV Regional News round of selection.

An overall winner will be crowned the UK Fundraiser 2020 later this year.