MS Neil McEvoy banned from speaking in the Senedd over racism protest

Neil McEvoy MS has said that he has been banned by speaking in the Senedd. Credit: Neil McEvoy MS.

MS Neil McEvoy has been banned from speaking in the Senedd following a protest over his contribution to a debate on racism.

Mr McEvoy posted on Twitter, saying that he had been banned by the Llywydd or presiding officer, Elin Jones MS, following his protest on Tuesday.

He had worn tape over his mouth and held a placard following her decision to reject his amendments during a debate on racism and racial equality.

Elin Jones said that he would be banned until he removed his posts on social media and apologised for his actions.

Neil McEvoy had tabled four amendments to the Welsh Government's Senedd debate but none were selected for discussion.

Whilst speaking during the debate, Mr McEvoy claimed that he had his voice "taken away from him".

He said: "In this parliament, if I can call it that, the only member of colour able to put an amendment, which is me, I had my voice taken away.

"I had put forward some very sensible, very positive amendments to be voted upon. You've denied me—perhaps you've given me my voice now, but you've denied me the right, my democratic right, to put forward those amendments and have them voted on.

"And if you want my personal opinion, the opinion of many people, that is racism in action."

Neil McEvoy posted this photograph on his social media Credit: Neil McEvoy

Elin Jones MS responded by saying: "You have exercised your democratic right as a member to table amendments, I also have a role in this parliament as the Llywydd to select amendments, and I have chosen today not to select any of the amendments for the debate.

"Some were yours and some belonged to another independent member as well. Please conclude with the content of your debate."

Mr McEvoy, was elected for Plaid Cymru in the South Wales Central region but now represents the Welsh National Party, which he founded. He has since deleted one of his posts on social media which showed him in the Senedd with his mouth taped and a placard reading 'gagged by a racist'.

Following his contribution to the debate on Tuesday, Ms Jones added: "I ask the question if there is any Senedd in the world that would have allowed you to have your say after your disorderly conduct throughout this debate."

She has since said that all members are expected to take part in debates in a "respectful manner".