Unlikely fox and hedgehog duo caught on camera sharing roast chicken meal

An unlikely pair have been caught on camera tucking into a roast dinner together.

A fox and hedgehog were spotted both dining on a piece of chicken that had been left out in a Cardiff garden.

The fox snatches their portion away to leave the hedgehog munching in peace.

John-Paul Jones captured the two animals on his property after their movements triggered his security camera.

Mr Jones is a wildlife lover and regularly leaves tasty treats out in his garden in Whitchurch for animals to enjoy.

He said: "I left the chicken out raw overnight and nothing touched it so the next morning I took it back in, roasted it and put it out again."I couldn't believe it when the hedgehog and the fox were eating it at the same time."

In the video, the fox can be seen sneaking in to grab a piece of the meal. After it snatches some of the meat, the hedgehog hesitates for a moment before returning to snacking on the food.

The fox can be seen in the video sniffing the chicken before snatching away a portion. Credit: John-Pal Jones

Mr Jones added that he sees foxes and hedgehogs in his garden "every night".

It is not just chicken on the menu for the inhabitants of Mr Jones' garden either. He has also left out duck and cheese before.

"They eat better than me," he said."I left a quartered chicken out once and the camera caught the fox just lazily licking at the plate for ages after it was gone."

Mr Jones posted the footage on the Save the Northern Meadows Facebook group which objects to plans to build a new cancer hospital on greenfield land in Whitchurch.

The group are not against a new hospital being built, but want the facility to be built elsewhere on a brownfield site.

Mr Jones said: "The meadows are a tremendous source of wildlife and it would be devastating if they are lost."