The primary school celebrating students' birthdays after they were missed in lockdown

  • Video report by ITV Wales reporter Ian Lang

Many people have had plans scuppered by coronavirus, but a primary school in Flintshire has gone a long way to make it up to children who missed their birthdays because of the pandemic.

Like all other schools in Wales, Ysgol Y Llan in Whitford welcomed students back after an extended break in September, but they hadn't just forgotten about the past six months.

On Wednesday the school hosted a big birthday party for all students and staff who were not able to celebrate their special days in the way they would have liked.

They created cards for each other and also made birthday party hats and decorations for their classrooms.

Students and teachers made birthday hats and other decorations for the party.

One of the teachers at the school, Rhian Roberts, said that the birthday party was "very exciting" for the children.

"The children were so excited about the party, they were thrilled we planned this for them. To be able to gather all the children together has been wonderful," she said.

"They are all close knit in my class but they are a little upset they haven't been able to celebrate together but the messages in the cards they have been writing to each other have been really thoughtful.

Rhian Roberts is a teacher at the school and she said that it was nice to have all students back together again.

"This has been really challenging for the children, we kept getting messages during lockdown saying that the children were missing school so it has been lovely to get back together for a little party," she continued.

The party took place in the school's small contact groups with everyone following the social distancing measures.

There are only 83 pupils full time at the school but the headteacher at the school Mr Bryan Griffiths said that over half of them had missed their birthdays during lockdown.

Mr Brian Griffiths the headteacher at the school said that over half of the students had missed their birthday in lockdown.

"From the beginning the return of school has been a major priority and staff and parents have been really supportive of us here," he said.

"When they came back it was apparent that lots had missed their birthday celebrations, these are young pupils who have missed out on special occasions so we thought about what we could do.

"The support we have had since the idea came about has been brilliant. Every year your birthday comes along it is a really special day, for us as a school family it is important we put on a special day for the children and their families."

Three students, who all recently turned 10, Owen Johnson, Jacob Haskayne and Tallulah Birkett said that the birthday celebrations had given them the chance to have fun with their friends and families.

Jacob, Owen and Tallulah all enjoyed the birthday celebrations at the school.

"We started off doing birthday cards and it has been a good day," said Jacob.

"I think it is really important for people to celebrate their birthday because it is a really special day for them. If they didn't really celebrate it then they wouldn't have been very happy."

Tallulah said that coming back to see her friends had been "really nice" for her after months in lockdown.

Students were also given some party bags at the end of the day.

"Today was important to people and teachers as it has given us a great time to celebrate all together," she said.

"It has been the best birthday I have ever had. It has helped coming back to school and seeing friends again."