Police ban all visitors from Llandrindod Wells home for three months following 'offensive' behaviour

If anyone breaches the ban, both visitors and residents can be arrested, fined or imprisoned.

All visitors have been banned from one home in Llandrindod Wells following 'offensive' and 'anti-social' behaviour.

The Llandrindod Neighbourhood Policing Team obtained a closure order, meaning no one can visit the flat for three months.

Police said the reason for seeking the closure order was because the occupants of the flat have been the cause of "offensive, anti-social and disorderly behaviour".

They added that frequent visitors have also created "a severe nuisance to the other residents and local community".

If the visitor ban is breached it is a criminal offence so anyone living at the flat - or visiting it - can be arrested, fined and or imprisoned.

The purpose of a closure order is so the police or local authority can quickly close any premises which are being used, or likely to be used, to commit "nuisance or disorder".  

 Radnorshire Inspector, Adam Ellis, said: "This is clear message that we will do all that we can to disrupt criminal behaviour within our communities and protect those who are directly affected by these individuals.

"The use of orders such as these are invaluable and we will continue to adopt and enforce such orders as appropriate."