Swansea B&M store asks customers to judge what is 'essential'

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Signs asking customers to stick to buying essential goods were placed around the store Credit: Media Wales

A B&M store in Swansea has taken the step of asking customers to judge which products are "essential".

Many supermarkets have cordoned off entire aisles of goods deemed as "non-essential" in a bid to comply with Welsh government rules during the 17-day firebreak lockdown.

On Tuesday evening the government moved to publish a list of items supermarkets could sell after continued controversy over the rule.

The Parc Tawe B&M store has resisted sectioning off its goods and has instead put the onus on the customer with signs on the shelves saying: "Please buy essential goods only - B&M store colleagues are not authorised to challenge members of the public so we ask shoppers to judge properly what is essential."

The "non-essential" goods row has rumbled on for days Credit: Media Wales

On Monday people were still able to buy Christmas decorations, Halloween costumes, toys, stationery and greetings cards, all of which are on the Welsh Government's list of "non-essential" goods.B&M also stocks food, toiletries and other items that are considered essential and can still be sold during the fire-break lockdown.

A petition that had been created in protest at the Welsh government's position had reached over 60,000 signatures.

When the government announced the move to stop supermarkets selling "non-essential" items, First Minister Mark Drakeford said it was a "straightforward matter of fairness" intended to create a level playing field for smaller retailers.

B&M has been contacted for comment.

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