Why you are now banned from meeting people in your garden under Wales' new Covid-19 rules

People will have to meet in public spaces instead of gardens when the fire-break lockdown ends.

People in Wales have been banned from meeting friends, and family outside of their household, in private gardens under the Welsh Government's new coronavirus rules.

The rules replace Wales' fire-break lockdown from Monday the 9th of November.

Groups of four people from up to four different households are allowed to meet in a café, restaurant, or pub - assuming they are socially distanced.

Two households are also allowed to bubble together and travel restrictions within Wales have been lifted.

Groups of up to 30 people will be allowed to meet for organised sporting activities. Credit: PA

Groups of up to four people from different households are able to meet outside in public spaces providing they adhere to social distancing guidelines.

But it would be breaking the law to have someone from outside of your household - or extended household - come over to your garden.

This is because the Welsh Government wants people to meet in a "regulated setting" where coronavirus is less likely to be transmitted.

Their concern is that people are more likely to engage in "risky behaviour" in private settings, such as going inside homes and not keeping 2 metres apart.

The Welsh Government guidelines say in winter it is "much more likely that people together in a garden will need or want to go indoors."

You will instead have to meet people in a pub or restaurant, or in public spaces such as parks.

Minister Eluned Morgan was asked about this by journalists during the Welsh Government's coronavirus briefing.

She said: "What we wanted to do was make sure we allow people the opportunity to meet in a controlled environment.

"We know pub landlords have a long history in being able to control their own environment.

"What we don't know is how that will happen in people's homes so we want to give people the opportunity to meet each other in a controlled environment

"We're allowing people from four different households to come together in a regulated environment and that's the fundamental difference."