Six-year-old praised for calling emergency services after mum collapsed at home

Bea was able to use her mum's fingerprint on her phone before calling the emergency services.

A six-year-old girl has been praised for her "immense bravery" after coming to the rescue of her mum who had collapsed.

Lucie Williams had passed out at her home in Old Colwyn but was helped by her daughter's quick-thinking.

Bea Dean-Lewis made the call to the emergency services, even using her mum's thumbprint to access her phone.

Bea was praised for making the 999 call, and following the instructions her mum gave her after a previous episode in December 2019.

"Bea and I were at home playing pairs when all of a sudden, I suffered really bad chest pain," Lucie said. "It had happened once before and I came around quickly, so I decided to talk to Bea about what to do if it ever happened again."This time, as I collapsed, I must've hit my head on the kitchen unit which knocked me out."

When Lucie came around after the fall there were police and paramedics in her house. She said that she "burst with pride" after hearing that her daughter had made the call to the emergency services.

"I hated the thought of her being scared and having to call for help for me, but when I was told just how brave and calm she was when she made the 999 call, it made me burst with pride," she explained. "She even told emergency services that she's not allowed to answer the door to strangers when they told her to unlock it."The police were fantastic with her and took her to her father while I spent four days in hospital having tests."The doctors are trying to get to the bottom of what is wrong and I've been referred to a cardiologist, but for now, I've had so much help and support, it's been amazing."Bea really is my little hero."

The six-year-old was praised by PC Vicky Roscoe of North Wales Police, who described her call as an act of "immense bravery".

"As police officers, we see acts of immense bravery in adverse situations and this was one of these moments when a little girl left a real impression on the officer that attended the call."She is a wonderful example that with the right information even our youngest pupils can save lives."