Ryan Reynolds sends his own gin to businesses in Wrexham ahead of potential football club takeover

Ryan reynolds gin Wayne Jones
Ryan Reynolds has sent boxes of his Aviation Gin to businesses in Wrexham ahead of potential football club takeover. Credit: PA Images/Wayne Jones

Businesses in Wrexham have received a special delivery, with Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds sending boxes of his Aviation Gin ahead of his potential takeover of the local football team.

ITV Wales reported in September that actor Reynolds was interested in buying Wrexham AFC and turning it into a "global force".

Rob McElhenney, an American actor, director, producer and screenwriter, best known as the creator of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is also involved in the takeover bid with the Canadian star of Deadpool.

Now though, it seems that Ryan Reynolds has been introducing himself to the local businesses in the area, with posts on social media showing he has sent bars and restaurants boxes of his company's gin.

Independent restaurant The Fat Boar posted the delivery on Twitter, along with a note from the actor himself.

"Friday 13th. A very much appreciated delivery of Aviation Gin, a gift from Ryan Reynolds arrived by courier today. 2020, what a year. See you for a drink soon sir," the post said.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney bought Wrexham AFC earlier this year. Credit: PA

The note from the actor read: "Here's a bouquet of rose coloured glasses, see ya soon - Ryan Reynolds."

The Fat Boar was not the only recipient of the gin, with Wayne Jones from The Turf posting: "Look what’s arrived at the Turf today. Wonder who it could he from? Thank you Mr Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

Both establishments have since confirmed that every penny made from the sale of the gin to customers will be saved and donated to a charitable cause in the area.

The money will be donated to 'Unbeatable Eva', a charity raising money to help support the family of Eva to send her potentially life-saving treatment in the USA after she was diagnosed with a brain tumour in January of this year.

The Hollywood pair are expected to complete a takeover of the club after they held a zoom meeting with supporters over the weekend.

In the meeting, the duo discussed their plans to turn the football team, which is the oldest club in Wales, into a "global force".

The talks took place with the Wrexham Supporters Trust and the pair laid out their plans to to grow the team and make a positive difference to the wider Wrexham community.