Wrexham fan receives 'life-changing' donation from Hollywood actor and new owner Rob McElhenney

Aiden Stott and Rob
Aiden Stott, left, received a donation from Rob McElhenney, right.

A lifelong Wrexham fan has received a "life-changing" donation from the new owner of his beloved football club and Hollywood actor, Rob McElhenney.

Aiden Stott has supported the club all his life, regularly attending games both home and away, and told ITV News he was "absolutely shocked" when he found out that the club's new owner had contributed to a fundraiser for him.

A Gofundme page had been set up for the 37-year-old, who has cerebral palsy, to help support the family in buying a bath so his family could help wash him easier at his home.

The page went live online on Monday and Aiden had received donations from fans and members of the Wrexham AFC Disabled Supporters Association.

But, he was surprised on Wednesday to see that the entire £6,000 sum had been donated by the Hollywood star.

Aiden Stott said the donations on the page from everyone meant the "world" to him. Credit: Aiden Stott.

"I am the biggest Wrexham fan - I have been a fan as long as I remember," Aiden explained.

"It is in my blood and I only dream about Wrexham. It is absolutely incredible it really is. I want to thank everyone who donated."

"I hope that one day I can get to meet him and say thank you, I will buy him a Wrexham lager."

Mr McElhenney and Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds recently announced their plans to turn Wrexham AFC in to a "global force" after their takeover.

The Hollywood duo announced the takeover on their social media, promoting the official trailer company sponsor of the club in the process.

Aiden said that his best memory as a Wrexham fan was going to the Millennium Stadium to watch them in 2005 and he is hoping the new owners can bring the glory days back to the club.

"It is where I see my friends and I look forward to it all week. I go to every home game and some away games as well," he continued.

"I hope that the new owners bring a lot of success and we can go up the leagues and put Wrexham on the up.

"I loved Deadpool - Ryan Reynolds and Rob are very funny, I am a big fan of both of them."

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have announced plans for Wrexham AFC. Credit: PA images.

Aiden's family have recently sold their family home and moved out of Wrexham to south Manchester, but it meant they would have to spend money adapting the bathroom for him.

"I had been deliberating whether to do it or not, because there are so many people in worse positions than us," Aiden's sister Cheryl Stott said.

"The campaign had only been going two days and the Wrexham supporters and fans all supported it, we are so thankful. Aiden is is a popular face around the ground and people know him.

"The DSA made Rob aware of the campaign and he then made the decision to donate, we are so thankful. It has changed our life."

Cheryl also confirmed that a company from Wrexham has since contacted the family offering to do the bathroom for them at a lower cost. She also contacted Mr McElhenney to thank him for his donation.

"It is really nice to see the community pulling together, it does it so well," she continued.

"I sent Rob a message and thanked him so much for his contribution. It is phenomenal - it has really highlighted his appeal.

"He replied to us as a family which was amazing and made Aiden very excited, we are just so grateful."