Man involved in head-on car crash in Pentre thanks firefighters who 'saved his life'

Matthew Langley had to be cut from his car after the head-on crash.

A man who was involved in a head-on car crash whilst on the way to visit his father's grave has thanked the firefighters who saved his life.

Matthew Langley was on his way to lay flowers with his mother when he crashed in Pentre on November 16.

The 40-year-old, from Blaenrhondda, had to be cut out of his car by crews who arrived shortly after the crash. He said that he was left unable to move in the car because of serious injuries to his hips and wrists.

Matthew said that he was unable to move from the car after the crash.

The children's entertainer said that as he drove through the village, he remembered seeing a car heading towards him before he went on to the kerb.

He described how both air bags exploded and how he was unable to release his seat belt that had locked after the collision.

The South Wales Fire Service arrived within minutes and Matthew said a crew of 10 worked to get him out of the car.

It was like something out of a movie.

Matthew Langley

"They were all working together as a team, telling me everything that they were doing and holding my head," he said.

"I owe them my life, I owe the firefighters and the crew my life."

The crew were awaiting for an ambulance but needed to cut the roof off Matthew's car in order to get him out.

"When all this was going on I kept having multiple panic attacks. I kept thinking about the flowers and not being able to get them to my dad's grave," Matthew continued.

Matthew's Ford crashed head-on with a Toyota in the village on November 16.

"Before the ambulance arrived, the paramedic said to me 'just so you are aware, in the hospital they are going to treat you as if not only are you fighting for your life but also that you have coronavirus, they will have masks and suits on'."

Matthew said that his wrists are badly bruised and that he is currently unable to use his left hand. He also said that his hips are bruised and that he has "severe deep tissue trauma" through his body.

Matthew was discharged from hospital on Wednesday and is now recovering at home, saying he has been "humbled" by the messages of support he has received.