Wales' newest hospital tells patients to stay away as Welsh Ambulance Service declares critical incident

031220 high demand

The Welsh Ambulance Service has declared a "critical incident" and Wales' newest hospital, the Grange University Hospital asks people not to "self-present" because of a high level of demand.

The Welsh Ambulance Service has said the situation is particularly difficult in the south-east of Wales.

They have warned that some patients "may have to wait longer for help" and some might have to make alternative arrangements if their call is not life-threatening.

The Aneurin Bevan University Health Board has told patients not to go turn up at the Grange University Hospital because of demand being "extremely high."

They are asking people to contact the 111 service before attending the hospital.

The Welsh Ambulance Servie is asking for public support as they work to meet the demand.

Lee Brooks, the Trust’s Director of Operations, said: “There are actions underway to deal with this demand, but we really need the public to work with us on this.“Please only call 999 if it’s a serious or life-threatening emergency – I’m talking cardiac arrest, chest pain or breathing difficulties, loss of consciousness, choking, catastrophic bleeding, etc.“If it’s less serious, then we need you to think about the alternatives available to you, including using our 111 Wales online symptom checkers or seeking advice from your GP or pharmacist.“As always, we’ll be dealing with patients in order of clinical priority, so the sickest patients will be seen first.“If your call is less urgent, you may wait longer for help, or be asked to make an alternative arrangement, including making your own way to hospital if necessary.“We’re hopeful that the actions we’ve put in place will start to take effect in the next couple of hours, but until then, help us help you and only call us if it’s a genuine emergency.”