Haverfordwest girl, 11, praised on Good Morning Britain for tackling loneliness with care home Christmas cards

An 11-year-old girl from Pembrokeshire has been praised for writing letters to care home residents in a bid to tackle loneliness as part of a Good Morning Britain campaign.

Libby Scott, from Haverfordwest, pledged her time to the 1 Million Minutes campaign by sending out Christmas cards to those who face spending the festive period alone this year.

She appeared live on ITV's Good Morning Britain on Tuesday morning with her dad, Andrew.

"People in care homes, some of them feel lonely because they have no one to write to, and lots of people that they know might live away, they might not live close.

"It's nice for them to get post and feel like there are people in this world for them."

Libby received a special message of thanks from one care home that received her letter. Credit: Good Morning Britain

Dad Andrew said: "I've got two daughters and I'm proud of both of them. I don't know what to say, she follows after her mum to be honest with you!"

One care home resident at Linfield Rest Home in Haverfordwest thanked Libby for her efforts.

"It's a very special thing you have done, and it's helped us all here at Linfield, especially when we can't see our own families and friends, so thank you," she said.

The care workers also invited her for afternoon tea at the home when it is safe to do so.

Libby responded: "It's just lovely to see that people are receiving the letters and it is making them feel less lonely and bringing a bit more cheer to them."

Libby sent numerous letters to different care homes.

One of Libby's letters read: "My name is Libby Scott and I am 11 years old. I love writing letters to different people to brighten up their day.

"As it's nearly Christmas I have decided to add lots of fun and Christmassy stickers to this letter.

"I put up my Christmas tree about a week ago and it has lots of pretty decorations and lights on it. Do you have a Christmas tree this year?

"Not long ago, we got a puppy called Laya and I think that she is very excited for her first Christmas with us. Have you ever had a pet?

"My most favourite treats to eat at this time of year are bom boms, mince pies and chocolates."

Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan said Libby was doing "a brilliant job", but insisted her dad take his Christmas jumper off.

Andrew replied: "I wore that for you, Piers!"